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LEVEL UP! Teen Reading Program

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Level Up! is the Teen

Summer Reading Program 

at James River Valley Library. 


Runs from June 1 – August 31. 


Every participant will win a prize for each level they complete, with a final prize for reaching Level Five. Those who reach Level Five will   also be entered into a drawing for a Grand Prize! 


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Different books have different point values. Here is the break-down: 

Teen/Young Adult (YA) books and graphic novels are worth 5 points each.

Teen/YA classics or special interest—list of eligible books will be provided—are worth 10 points each.

Any fiction from the adult section (list of suggestions will be provided) are worth 15 points each.

Any nonfiction from the adult section is worth 25 points each.

All points are cumulative! This means that if you earn ten points, you reach Level One and those ten points also roll over into your score toward Level Two. You can stop at any level you want. You will only be eligible for prizes for the levels you complete. Every person completing a level will earn a prize at that level.


The books must be checked out from the James River Valley Library System (including Alfred Dickey or Stutsman County Libraries). Exceptions may be made if you bring in the book you have read at home so we can check what category your book falls into.  

Register for the LEVEL UP! Teen Reading Program at the Alfred Dickey Branch of the

James River Valley Library System.

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